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Re: Matchless Clubman V2 Plate resistor value

5/22/2003 6:06 AM
MJ Harnish
Re: Matchless Clubman V2 Plate resistor value
I at first put the 10k value in (amp worked fine with it BTW but seemed to sound pretty thin & stiff IMO; that opinion was formed after only about 15 minutes of testing though...) but then switched to 100k b/c 10k was such an odd value; virtually every amp I've ever seen uses 100k (or larger).  
As I've said, I've been told by multiple sources that the Clubman schematic is correct but personally I think there are several errors:  
1) The 10k plate load resistor (R1)  
2) The 25uF in parallel with a .1 uf for the cathode resistor on the EF86/6SH7 (C8 & C9) seems a bit odd... what's the significance of increasing the total capacitance by .1uF? I think whoever drew the schematic got mixed up and put in C7 & C9, when only C7 is really present (notice C7 is marked with a ???).  
3) The 25uF electrolytic cap proceeding the FX loop seems like a really poor choice. It too is marked with a ???.  
4) None of the pot tapers are listed; all should be log, except the bass pot which has to be reverse log  
I have a "new & improved" schematic that I can send you if you're interested. I can promise it's actually accurate since I've never actually seen the insides of a Clubman up close but it at least addresses the funky issues.  

hasserl By all means, I'd love to have it. ... -- 5/22/2003 11:53 PM
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