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Dumble's Hot Rubber Monkey

5/22/2003 1:39 AM
Dumble's Hot Rubber Monkey
Just got the July '03 issue of Guitar Player. In it there is an interview with Sonny Landreth and a side article detailing his live gear with his band The Goners. One of the heads he uses is a Dumble Overdrive Special. This is a quote from the article; "'The Dumble's HRM distortion circuit-which stands for Hot Rubber Monkey- has low, mid, and high trim pots. They're interactive, so you can really tweak the tone. Dumble voiced the head for me while I played in his shop.'"  
So is this the old OD internal tone stack or something else? I've heard this HRM mentioned before with Eric Johnsons' name surrounding it, but I thought he no longer used Dumbles. Any ideas, info gossip or day old bread?  

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