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previous: Steve A. Mike:5/21/2003 12:49 PM View Thread

Re: SS vs tube power

5/21/2003 1:40 PM
Re: SS vs tube power
The main difference is the output impedance of the output transistor is so low that theres no need for an output trasformer which in tubes can be a huge part of the tone depending on many parameters of the transformer. As Steve was getting at that has a say in THD% and tranfer ratios. Ac plate resistance of the tube is another although they try to simulate it with transistors. Whats amazing is how much power you can get out of one of those tiny ass driver chips. I mean look at the TDA 2030,2040 1875, and the TDA 7294 100 watts. It's mind-boggling. Efficiency is another huge difference. Small transformers, lower voltage,smaller caps. Much cheaper to build but more of a pain in the ass to take apart than tube amps. One Amp that I don't hear a bunch about yet but may be some new Technology is the VOX Valtronix that uses 12AX7's before the output transformer to give the ampa more tube feel. It uses all SS in the front-end and has DSP effects like a J-station but many tell me it sounds much better than all of the modeling amps because of this technology. I haven't heard anything yet though from the experts here.,