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Re: Why isn't there a tube manufacturer in the USA ?

5/21/2003 1:25 AM
Tom Phillips
Re: Why isn't there a tube manufacturer in the USA ?
A few comments presented without trying to support or tear down all the other goofy things about the Groove Tube Company. I have personally always hopped that they could pull off making the new tube but I say again that it takes a lot more than owning the old equipment. Most of the pictures of the equipment they have posted look like they were taken in the very early stages of prototyping. They certainly do not look like an up and running production line. IMHO they were very poorly staged.  
The links to the equipment photos are at the bottom of the page at  
You can see the "Made in USA" on the the picture of the tube in the press release at  
Note that the bottle is crooked on the base. I see this QC problem frequntly on new production tubes and hardly ever on original USA made tubes. Makes me think that if they can't get that right, how can they get all the internal detailes right. (Personal gripe)  
Groove tubes' own wording states "...While currently, some of the processing is located "off site" and will continue there until all processing clearances can be arranged for the San Fernando factory, eventually plans are to do all processing under the GT roof. However, the internal content is now more than 90% USA origin (Incidentally, this content ratio is similar to to the original content of the GE tube as GE also often used off site parts and processing)...."  
Maybe I'll see what they say if I ask if I can drive down and see the production line.  
All for now,  

Psycho Bass Guy (Incidentally, this content rati... -- 5/21/2003 6:14 AM