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mains selector(s) - good or bad?

5/15/2003 4:09 PM
mains selector(s) - good or bad?
My super reverd has universal tranny with pre-select voltage knob back...think I'll remove that dangerous looking knob or change it more like Marshall style. Anyways what to do with this Hammond 373BX tranny, lots of choises there in primary, what kinda rotary switch I even need for this? Also I bought today a small toroidal tranny for further regulating plans for my six preamp 12ax7' has just those two 115V primaries though. How to make heater voltages more "universal" too...heh, maybe asking too much here and sure must look stupid if you have mains selector but the filaments won't follow - dunno, smart ideas welcomed. Hmm..better forget it and make them all fixed? Is mains selector common thing in amps these days at all?