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Re: Opto-Coupler vs LDR

5/15/2003 1:24 PM
Re: Opto-Coupler vs LDR
Tanks Stefaan,  
I'm still at the design stage and I cannot make my choice between Opto-Coupler switching circuitry. I found a shematic of the H&K TriAmp, with rely on Opto-C for muting points, and extensive BJT's switching logic circuit.  
As you say, Opto-C have a separate led "drive" circuit form the "driven" line, and I like this idea.  
My other option is the BJT's or JFet's shunt type muting point extensively layout in the TUT. These are part of main circuit though... but I guest that when correctly done, there is no real problem...  
Of course price is a argument agaist Opto-C, but in the long run... And it's less component that a typical BJT's shunt muting point!  
I really don't know what to base my decision on.