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Re: mo stuff...

5/14/2003 3:17 AM
Re: mo stuff...
Hey Ken,  
Thanks for the info.  
I have an alternate interpretation of your data on this, though  
" it occured to me that the bottles felt the hottest once they had sat for a bit in the box. this tells me that the majority of the heat dissipation occured through conduction from plate to pins to glass, and that this process had some (about 3 minutes) latency."  
I doubt the rods are capable of transmiting the bulk of the heat. I think it was radiantly transmitted directly off the plate. Even though it wasn't glowing to our eyes sensitivity, its black body radiation spectrum continued, sliding down in frequency with its surface temp. Depending on the glass and transmissivity at the frequency, the radiant energy hit the glass and was re radiated, or went through the glass and warmed the cardboard directly. Least that's what I rekon.  

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