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Re: which brand new KT88's?!?!?!

5/12/2003 5:30 PM
Psycho Bass Guy
Re: which brand new KT88's?!?!?!
So you wouldn't bother with the KT100s then? - they certainly do look larger than the KT88s that I've got (same guts/different bottle trick?)  
My KT100's with Jolida labelling are identical to the Chinese KT88's I have, size and all. Some are labelled Ruby and some have nothing other than "KT88 Made in China" on them. They're all identical otherwise. FWIW, the Chinese KT88's I have are much larger than most KT88's. Those KT100's are great for a bass amp, just don't put them in a different amp that's going to hit them with a lot of voltage.  
Psyhco >^}