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Re: The Scholar rocks

5/9/2003 6:35 PM
Re: The Scholar rocks
Thanks for the kind words. Bruce definitely deserves kudos, he produced a really cool amp with an elaborate instruction set.  
Playing a p90 through the amp into a Jensen RI p10r, I can subjectively report that it sounds very nice, by which I mean that when I play it, I don't wish for my own handmade amp. You can dial up a nice, musical bite.  
It has inner detail that is quite noticeable to a bunch of untutored ears who have no preconceptions that tubes should be better. I set it up in the media center for kids to check out today in the hopes of reinvigorating the kids who stalled out. It recieved a broad positive reaction. It kinda knocks me out that the kids can hear the difference from transistors, and that it is positive.  
Even the pro bluegrass mandolin staff member liked it. It has a wide range of clean to pleasantly distorted sounds. No complaints that it is not loud enough.  

John Culp That's terrific, Dan!... -- 5/9/2003 8:39 PM