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Re: how to de-smellify used amp

5/9/2003 2:54 PM
Wild Bill
Re: how to de-smellify used amp
Go to any large store that has an automotive section. You should find any number of sprays for cancelling the smell of smoke. I used these for years in my minivan when I was on the road as a salesman.  
A spritz or two before you open the door is all you need. For heavy cases I just put the ventilation on "internal" to recirculate the air through the entire system.  
How well does it work? Well, I had more than one client rant on about hating the smell of smoke and complimenting me on the fresh smell inside my vehicle! And no, it wasn't sarcasm - they really were unaware!  
You should also understand that old amps in particular have other smells similar to nicotine. After all, transformers and such generate heat that will release odors from oils and insulation., not to mention the filter caps, which have small vents to get rid of internal pressures. Grill cloth and tolex coverings use glues. Some of these smell like they used not only dead horses but ones that never were washed in their lives.  
I still vividly remember standing in line for a bank machine while my pipe was in my mouth. Some hefty lady behind me sniffed and loudly exclaimed "Do we have to be subjected to that smoke?"  
I quite calmly looked her up and down and said "Really Madam, I guess if it was actually LIT you might die on the spot!"  
I heard quite a few chuckles from others behind her.  
Some folks just want an excuse to preach...  
Wild Bill

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