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Re: how to de-smellify used amp

5/6/2003 4:44 PM
Jack Koochin
Re: how to de-smellify used amp
Ozone is used in lots of professional applications to eliminate tough odors, like in smoking motel rooms. If you know someone with an ozone generator (you can also rent one from equipment/tool rental place), borrow it and stick your amp in an empty closet or some other smallish space with the generator and the ozone will get into all the nooks and crannies of the amp. Don't over-do it, though, as ozone is a fairly aggressive molecule.... you wouldn't want to blow it directly at the amp just in case it starts to oxidize the tolex. I don't think this oxidization should be a problem unless the exposure is direct and very intense for an extended period. Coupla 2-3 hours might do it. Check it and do it some more if required.  

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