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Re: Wacko little amplifier

5/6/2003 5:47 AM
Re: Wacko little amplifier
Hey, close is better than nothing. I don't recall. Are the three .02 caps in the LFO delay line all new? You said the speed control would sorta work, but it weakened and faded out towards one end? ANy leakage in those caps will quash oscillation.  
As a side note, I often find trems are too fast in amps - you can't get a slow sexy pulse. Increasing these caps will slow the thing down. And of course the reverse is true.  
For that matter have you checked the value of the two 1 meg ressistors in the LFO? If you ewant more LFO drive - more intensity - you might experiment with the 1 meg in series with the intensity pot. That resistor and the 500 K pot make up a voltage divider that can never be turned above 1/3. Drop that 1 meg to 500K - well, 470K - and you should get more LFO effect.

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