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Re: ef86 preamp...

5/2/2003 7:50 PM
MattRe: ef86 preamp...
After some tweeks I thought it sounded pretty good but I don't play JCM800 or similar type Marshalls often. This circuit has no clean to speak of, I was just trying to get a good JCM800 or slightly higher-gain type of tone. This weekend I might try cascading the EF86 into the paralleled 12AX7 (reversing their order) then into the DC-coupled pair, tone stack, etc. I didn't find that the EF86 had "that" much more gain than a half of a 12AX7. I originally wired mine almost exactly like your schematic (.1uF instead of .33uF was the only difference) and it seemed to have a little more gain but wouldn't clean up very well. The way I have it now was much cleaner (when it was in "plexi configuration") but now it's a crunch machine with the cascaded stages. I'll probably hate it after a day or so, when the novelty wears off! :)  

Dutch [QUOTE]The way I have it now was mu... -- 5/2/2003 7:59 PM