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Re: Taper on Matchless pots?

5/1/2003 6:04 AM
Re: Taper on Matchless pots?
John, thanks for the info. I also found this article in Tube Cad Journal here: that discusses this and give a formula.  
Bruce, I take it your refering to the hand drawn RCA schematic. Yea, I know what you mean, it is messed up. But I swear I traced out that PI and power tube circuit a dozen times to confirm what I saw. The grid of one triode is connected to the output of the 6AU6 pentode, the grid of the other section is connected to the plate-to-grid circuit of the first section. Maybe I did see it wrong, but like I said, I traced it out several times to confirm it. I'm not going to use that wiring anyway, I will gut it and start over.