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Dilemma:Phoenix Guitar Show or New York Guitar shops

4/23/2003 12:10 PM
PeteRHDilemma:Phoenix Guitar Show or New York Guitar shops
Hi guys,  
I fly in to LAX from Oz this Friday afternoon and have to be in NY by Monday morning.....basically have the weekend free.  
I would love to sitesee NY (and visit a few guitar shops while i'm at it) but am tempted by the Phoenix Guitar Show which is on Sat. I have seen phoenix but never NY.  
Has anyone been to the Phoenix Guitar show (or similar) before? Are these shows full of boutique and vintage amps or just guitars? How do the prices compare with Ebay?  
Are guitar shops open on Sundays in NY?  
Thanks for any advice.  
ps. Sorry about the lack of amp content but you guys have not steered me wrong before!!!! Thanks again.

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