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Re: Interesting theoretical question

4/22/2003 6:59 PM
Re: Interesting theoretical question
R.G. funny you wrote about the ef86 wired as a triode. A very clean sounding condenser microphone circuit is one using a EF86 wired triode PS at about 200V plate at about 80V no neg feedback with a very good output transformer.(think neumann u67 without the filters) It does not sound like a tube or SS it just sounds clean and clear. My guess it is the signal headroom and the circuit staying in the small signal range. You hear the capsule design and grill. Now with SS condensers powered with phantom(IMO not enought energy from phantom power) some SS microphones are clean and clear up to a point and then break up, some SS circuits better than others.  
It just might be as posted by others "grace under overload", or another way to state it Harmonics under overload. The ear brain is a strange thing to try to understand. I have read about studies of pitch etc, does anyone realy understand the ear brain?????  
Microphonics must have something to do with it as well, as posted by others.