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Re: Half power switch for Peavey Classic 30?

4/19/2003 12:54 PM
Re: Half power switch for Peavey Classic 30?
Geez I haven't seen THAT many of them. I would have to vote on opening the cathode legs. Popping to me wouldn't be an issue. Afterall, we are not planning to make the switch in mid song are we? I imagine we would turn this switch before a session, hell do it with the power off. I don't recall our cathode/fixed bias switch making too much noise if flipped while operating.  
But matter what you do, killing a tube is like pulling it, so impedance adjustment seems prudent.  
My first reaction to this would be to counsel the customer. It is only a 30 watt amp to start with, and you only will be losing 3db. On stage I can't imagine 3db is that critical, if so I can always kick my cab over a few degrees away from my singer. In studio settings they don't need my 3db, they have me isolated and controlled already. If you just want to be the first guy on the block with a half power switch on his C30, well far out, but otherwise...  
Those screen resistors. My feelings are that the resistors are there to decouple the tubes, not so much to limit current. SO if you look at it that way, the resistor is between the tubes on each polarity, not between the tube and the supply. Just my opinion.

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Steve A. Enzo:4/21/2003 6:54 AM