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Re: variable transformer enclosure

4/17/2003 7:58 AM
Re: variable transformer enclosure
If you want to pick one meter to have, it would be current for me. Especially since I do mainly troubleshooting/repair.  
When I have repaired a blown power amp or something and want to see if it is fixed, I will slowly turn up the Variac and watch the current. If it spikes right away, I don't care if it happened at 30 volt or 40 volts, I just know it happened way early and more work is needed. I always have a good idea what the voltage is from the knob anyway.  
If you are doing some sort of design work where you are adjusting power supply levels or something, then the volts may mean more to you. FOr example if you have a functioning amp and want to vary the voltages a bit to check performance. Current may not be on your mind then. But mainly I watch current.