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Re: Has anyone built an ampeg?

2/5/2004 3:22 AM
Justin Thomas
Re: Has anyone built an ampeg?
I've owned a 63 Reverberocket, and a 66 Reverberocket II, and I will say that the II kills the original, all around. Both had 7591's, I LOVE these tubes. The Reverberocket II was also laid out a whole lot better, with the tube sockets and wiring layout. That 63 was just a mess inside, I couldn't follow anything. I sold both, and now own a museum-quality 67 Reverberocket II that is just an amazing amp. As an alternative, there's the GU-12 from the 70's-same tubes, totally different sound (think raunchy 70's Stones), it was a great little amp till the OT blew-damn shoulda checked that speaker sooner. Just my 2 cents. Justin

Carl Gigun I just had a look at the schematics... -- 2/5/2004 3:22 PM