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Re: Volume pot does not turn off sound

1/21/2004 11:06 PM
M. Taylor
Re: Volume pot does not turn off sound
Using Rick's 0.1uF/600V signal grounding method, the first place I'd try is on the grid of the tube section right after the volume pot. If that fixes it you know the problem occurs before that point, likely either the volume pot or some form of coupling that bypasses it. I would also rule out the tube in this situation, and provided you've measured the DC resistance from wiper to ground on the volume pot as being very small, I'd break out the "chopstick" and see if moving any of the leads around effect the glitch (trying to minimize reactive coupling as Will Bill mentioned). If placing a cap from that stage's grid to ground doesn't fix it, try the plate of the same tube stage. If that solves your problem that would probably indicate the tube as the culprit.  
Otherwise, you could try placing the cap at the plate of the last tube stage in the other channel to rule out some signal leaking in from the unused channel.