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Re: Choke Input Filters

1/6/2004 12:46 AM
M. Taylor
Re: Choke Input Filters
Bill, thanks for that superb tutorial on choke input power supplies. I guess I'll probably keep on rockin with the EL34's, but I'm not too upset. The great thing about a compulsive need to tinker with your gear is that there's always something new to try.  
I certainly will, however, keep scrounging for a choke with the proper rating. As a starving college student I've never had much of a budget for this type of thing, but I've been incredibly fortunate. When I was young an uncle of mine purchased all the equipment of a fifties era Canadian military base at a surplus auction, which was sitting unused until I came along. There certainly is something to that pretty "mil spec" wiring scheme since most of it still worked all these years later. IMHO the Canadian GE branded 12AX7s don't really sound so hot, but I managed to snag plenty of other great tubes, and I'll go take a look for some filter chokes next time I'm around that way.  
I wonder about using a power MOSFET instead of a lower value bleeder resistor to conduct the current required for regulation at startup but switching out as the power tubes begin to draw enough juice to do it on their own, taxing the B+ line less during operation. Sure would be cheaper too. I'm still a big believer in the K.I.S.S. principle, so maybe I'll just wait until I spot a Bassmate for a good price.  
Again, thanks for the great material!  
Happy New Year!