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Re: Choke Input Filters

1/5/2004 12:05 AM
M. Taylor
Re: Choke Input Filters
Well, the one I'm referring to is a '72, chrome bumper model. I paid $240 CAD ($186 US) for it and two matching 4x10 cabs. I also own a '68 YBA-1, flat style case, with a choke and 430V on the plates that I've (reversibly) dropped a 'wreck circuit into which I absolutely love and that I paid about the same for, just the head. They came with the stock Philips Mullard tubes.  
It seems like over the last few months folks have been getting wise, because people in our classifieds seem to ask for about 300 or 350 CAD for the heads (thanks in part to the internet, I'm sure) and 400 or 450 CAD for the combos, but every so often you find one that's cheaper. There was one last week in our classifieds for $200 ($155 US) obo that someone had snatched before I got ahold of the seller. Drat.  
I feel that they are one of the best values around. If you have any questions, feel free to post them or e-mail me.  
Edmonton, Alberta