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Choke Input Filters

1/4/2004 8:37 PM
M. Taylor
Choke Input Filters
Hi! I recently picked up a Traynor YBA-1A, the model with the high plate voltage at around 540VDC. Playing with the PSU designer software, I realized that using a choke input filter would knock the supply down to 370ish volts which could work well for a pair of 6V6s.  
My question arises when trying to spec an appropriate inductor for this application. Does the current rating have to be large enough to handle the inrush current when first switched on? I compute a theoretical peak >1A, opposed to an quiescent max of approx 160mA. Also, is there a critical value of inductance in this type of circuit that I should shoot for?  
I was thinking of the Hammond 159S, which has 4H of inductance, 225mA current handling ability and 65ohms of DC resistance. Hopefully someone will be able to steer me in the right direction.  
Thanks for the advice!  

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