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Re: Heat Sinking Tips Needed

11/18/2003 8:24 PM
Re: Heat Sinking Tips Needed
I agree that the 100R value gives a nice subtle compression when the amp is cranked. I have used values up to 200R, but 100R is a keeper.  
BTW, one way to lower the heat produced in a single resistor is to use more than one. You can use one or more per leg of the PT secondary, before the rectifier junction. That way the individual/pairs of resistors see only half wave rectified DC.  
It would look like, "rectifier -> resistor (or resistor pair) -> rectifier -> junction" on both sides of the secondary.  
You could try two 200R 5W resistors in parallel per leg. That would distribute your waste heat a little more, while still giving you the protection of the 20 watt aggregate rating.  
Lots of tricks, (if you have the room)!  

Man o'Blues I don't have room to add more resis... -- 11/18/2003 10:19 PM