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PT for Tweed Champ Copy

11/2/2003 1:01 AM
PT for Tweed Champ Copy
I just finished a tweed champ replica and at the request of my guitar player friend, will build another one.  
My question is, I have an old (never used, in box) Thordarson Power transformer with 300-0-300 HT @ 70ma, 6.3V CT @ 3A, and 5v @ 2A. Could I use this for a Champ (5F1) PT? I noticed that the original champs, and my replica, run very high voltages on the 6V6 off the rectifier (mine is running 390 Volts). Would there be any tonal differences running at a lower voltage? Cetainly it would be safer. What would be the estimated voltage off the Rectifier? OK, maybe I have more than one question.

Matt H the "rule of thumb" number for tube... -- 11/2/2003 6:27 AM