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Re: Back to the topic

9/30/2003 9:59 AM
steve conner
Re: Back to the topic
"no one mentioned the use of stabilitron tubes (such as OA2,OB2,etc)"
I think very few guitar amp builders have ever used these. They are more common in tube hi-fi equipment. If anyone knows of a design, please post a link.  
I have an amp with solid-state regulated plate and screen supplies, which is the same idea, although by a different route :) I actually prefer the clean sound of my other amp that is not regulated in any way. It seems louder, fuller, and more responsive to picking hard or soft. I think what I am hearing is the compression that comes from power supply sag.  
This amp is a Selmer T'n'B 50 (two EL34s in a marshall-like circuit with ~440V B+) I replaced the first preamp tube in one channel with a 12AU7 to reduce the gain.  
Steve C.