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Re: pentodes for clipping in the preamp

9/22/2003 8:38 PM
Matthew Springer
Re: pentodes for clipping in the preamp
NO reason you can't use the EF86's instead keep in mind two things:  
You'll get WAY more gain out of a single pentode stage than you will out of a single triode stage. And you'll need to attach the screen(s) to something.  
By judicious use of gain attenuation (basically hardwired mid preamp volume controls), you can knowck the gain down some, or at leats enoiught o live with. keep in mind, most amp s that use EF-86's use 1 pentode stage to sub in for 2 triode stages. Also, the output impedance of the pentode is higher, so you'll also get some loadign from a typical tonestack setup.  
Check out the Vox AC30 and the Matchless Cheiftan for ideas.