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Re: Bias Supply Design

9/22/2003 11:26 AM
steve conner
Re: Bias Supply Design
No, it's not, it's full-wave. I have built a few of these things, from a tiny one that gives 14V from a spare 5V rectifier winding, to a massive one that generates 600V from a 240V line to power my Tesla coil. The ripple frequency really is 120Hz (well, 100Hz where I live)  
You can think of it this way: The positive half-cycles of the line charge the top capacitor, the negative half-cycles charge the bottom capacitor. The output is taken across the two capacitors in series, so it doesn't matter which capacitor a charging pulse goes into, it still makes the output voltage jump up. This is easier to picture if you assume the line is floating with respect to the output.