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Re: Will this transformer work with SE 6L6 amp?

9/19/2003 6:32 AM
anonymousRe: Will this transformer work with SE 6L6 amp?
My 16ohm cab is a Mesa 1x12 3/4 back widebody cab with a Celestion Vintage 30. The hum is louder than I would like it. In fact if I play a low A or B note and let the note die out, when it gets to the volume level of the hum, it produces the same "beat" effect that you get when playing two notes that are not quite in tune with each other.  
If I switch to the 8 ohm tap and plug into my Crate Vintage Club 50 combo, the hum is much quieter. It is acceptable. But the Crate combo cab/speaker definitely has less bass than the Mesa cab, so you were probably right.

Clinton Bast Oops! I forgot to put my name on t... -- 9/19/2003 6:50 AM