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Re: Please Review My Schematic

7/8/2003 12:09 PM
Trace - Voodoo Amps
Re: Please Review My Schematic
"I've scored a Bogen Challenger with lots of octals. it currently is laid out to run (2) 6V6s and has a 5Y3GT, a 6SL7, 6SC7, and a 6SF5. I've drawn up a schematic for an amp I like to convert this into. Since I've combined several ideas, and am not sure how they will work together, I'd really appreciate those with a lot more experience than me looking it over and providing comments."
I just took at look at your schematics and there's a couple things that come to mind after a quick glance;  
1.) Be careful with how much gain you try and run when using the octal preamp tubes. The octal preamp tubes really are not a higher gain tube and they do not react well when a fair amount of gain is introduced.  
2.) If you are looking to get a decent gain channel you may want to look at something like a JCM800 2204/2203 style preamp circuit and then tweak from there. Granted it's not going to give you the same amount of gain as what you have drawn up in your schematic but you'll have a better chance of the octal tubes being happier.  
3.) Also for the gain channel, you may want to look at going with all 6SL7's. They have the most "umph" (highly technical term--ha, ha) and tend to sound the best with the kind of preamp ideas you have drawn up.  
"I wanted cathode bias with no NFB, post-PI master volume, and two paralleled 6SL7s in cascade with a simplified tone stack/control. It may not be everyone's (or anyone's) cup of tea, but I wanted to hear what this circuit sounds like."
Give it a try!! :) Let us know how you make out once she's up and running. I have a feeling you will want to go with a NFL, especially considering the amount of gain you have built up on the preamp section but that's just my opinion. It certainly doesn't make me more wrong or right! (ha, ha)  
Good luck with your project my friend!!  

Carlos Thanks Trace. I appreciate that yo... -- 7/12/2003 2:02 AM