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Good dual triode power tubes

7/8/2003 10:26 AM
steve conner
Good dual triode power tubes
Hi Ampagers  
I'm thinking of building a small amp that uses a dual triode tube as a Class AB P-P output stage. At the moment I'm thinking of what kind of tube to use:  
A 6SN7  
Two 12AU7s  
Two 12AT7s  
An ECC99 from JJ Electronic (sort of like a stretched version of the 12AU7)  
Can anyone else recommend any good tubes? I'd like to keep the heater draw low and have the option of 12V heaters because I'm going for battery operation.  
Steve C.

Mark Lavelle I've used 6AU6s, 12AU7s & 12BH7s th... -- 7/8/2003 4:37 PM