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Re: Slo Supplies?

6/22/2003 4:07 PM
Joe N.
Re: Slo Supplies?
Thanks for the info guy's, I have another post below concerning the way that the opto switches in the Od Channel below. it isn't really an issue if you are building the original opto version of the amp, but I'm going to build both opto and relay version. I had to fix up the relay version of the pcb that I saw, because it looked like it was doing the same thing that the opto version was doing, creating a bleed from the clean channel. I fixed one of the relay's so that the grid from v3 is actually switching between the 2.2M from the od and the 330K from the clean, which will get rid of the bleed. This brings me to my next question that I posted below. Does that opto really switch that 2.2m in parallel with the clean's 330K, giving it a value of roughly 300K, or is there still some resistance in the opto that seperates the two resistors from being connected in parallel?  
thanks Joe N.