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Finished an EF86 (Pentode) type amplifer today

6/2/2003 2:44 AM
Bruce J
Finished an EF86 (Pentode) type amplifer today
Well, it fired up first try and sounds really cool. The EF86 has a good bit of gain and seems to have a more edgy, brilliant tone to it. I really like it with my Strat. Also, there are nice harmonics and a sweet natural feedback that is very nice, indeed. I used the trannies from an old Silvertone 1482 that was in very bad shape (looks like it survived a house fire) and even used the 6X4 rectifier. I played it through several speakers and like a closed greenback cab with it best, so far. I figured the OT would be fine since 6v6's and EL84's need about the same primary impedance. So the tube layout is 6X4(rectifier), 2xEl84(power), 12ax7(phase inverter) and EF86(preamp). I would recommend to anyone to give an EF86 a try. It is different, that's for sure, but in a good way. Bruce J

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