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Re: Anyone build a Machless Lightning?

5/25/2003 5:54 PM
JoeRe: Anyone build a Machless Lightning?
"My EL84s are dissipating 11 watts each."  
A stock Matchless is around 14W dissipation for EL84's.  
I've also been raising the screen grid resistor (Randall Aiken suggestion) to about 1k5/2-Watt to keep the screen grid voltage under 300Vdc. Most newer EL84 tubes seem to like this and I can't hear much/any difference compared to the stock 100ohm resistors. I'm currently getting pretty decent tone/life from JJ's.  
I dunno what my circuit sounds like with humbuckers but I do question the use of the Hammond PT if you want it to behave exactly like the original design? It shouldn't matter, but then again - it wouldn't be the first time I've seen things that shouldn't matter, MATTER.  
Also, I would check how the pickups are adjusted in the guitar? These amps are really responsive to pickup height.  
I'm a friend of Wayne's and I own a '94 DC-30. I've built a Spitfire with West Labs trannies and I'm gathering parts/ideas for a full HC-30 klone. I will probably try Dr. Z's EF86 bass/treble tone control instead of the multi-switch thing and I have little use for the HI/LO power switch too so that too will probably go away. No effects loop for me either.  
Other changes from Sampson's design will be use of Metal Film resistors in the small current/voltage swing stages. The stock Matchless is a little hissy from too many carbon comps. Oh, I will probably lose the MV too. I figure if the amp's too loud for the gig, throw a blanket over the thing (allowing for airflow) or use a smaller amp.  
But, I really like the speaker phase reverse switch when I use multi-amp setups so that will stay.