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Re: Anyone build a Machless Lightning?

5/23/2003 3:40 PM
Mike Conner
Re: Anyone build a Machless Lightning?
Headroom?! Really?  
My Lightning clone uses the NOS matchless OT and choke, but a Hammond PT (way over spec'd on Hi V secondary current).  
My amp gets very dirty by 5 on the volume with single coils. It is unusable beyond 6 with single coils and beyond 5 with PAF output humbuckers. I'd like it to be cleaner. Mainly I'd like to tighten up the flatulence on the bottom. I never hear this farting on Vox AC30 and AC15 recordings, what's the deal? It's all midrange focused, tight, percusive, and chimey. That's not my amp. I've been kind of disappointed with it.  
I've made some mods to a) make it cleaner and b) get rid of some of the loose flabby bottom. I've tried solid state rectification, a ton of different rectifier swaps (5Y3, 5V4, 5U4, stock 5AR4). I'm using a 110K plate resistor on the first stage, tried everything from 330pf-1200pf coupling caps after the first stage, tube swaps, 1.5uf cathode bypass cap on the second stage, no bypass caps, and others... I'd still like to get it cleaner/tighter without making it incredibly thin. I've tried vintage 30 and Weber C12S and P12Bs... My EL84s are dissipating 11 watts each. High, but not that high.  
My layout is meticulously clean so I am confident that I don't believe have any technical problems.  
I'm on the verge of really tearing this amp up to try to make it cleaner sounding, more usable with humbuckers, and less flabby overdriven. I'm thinking about a 12AU7 PI, smaller bypass and coupling caps, etc. Ugh.

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