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Re: OK, just a simple "bottom line"

5/15/2003 4:28 PM
Matthew Springer
Re: OK, just a simple "bottom line"
I went down exactly this path when I was designing my Cornell Reverb (Tweed Deluxe PA with the princeton Reverb front end and PI, post-PI matser). Same fetaure list as a Carr Rambler, but with a MV.  
I haven't poked around in the guts with my scope too much, but even with my cathode biased amp with a Solen fast cap as a bypass cap and a Solen power supply there is NO compression whatsoever to my ears when the master Volume is full up.  
The Hammond trannies are tough to beat for the price. I've used to 270 series trannies in two out of two amps and I get about 410V no load with ~390 volts normally which is pretty much rock steady. I actually added a switchable 100 Ohm 25W resitor in the B+ feeds for this amp to try and give it more sag and it's still a very "sharp" amp. Have no fear with a Hammond power tranny and a medium power amp, they're forgiving and very tough to blow up.