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Re: OK, just a simple "bottom line"

5/15/2003 2:15 AM
Re: OK, just a simple "bottom line"
Thanks, Matthew. It will be fixed bias. I guess I'm being a little too paranoid about current requirements. I just looked up the OPT for a Deluxe Reverb and it weighs something like 1.5 lbs. The Hammond 1615 weighs 3.5 lbs. This is still a pound more than David Allen's over rated OPT he sells for the DR. I have a feeling the Hammond PT might have less sag than the stock DR tranny. It's a 320-0-320, but from what I understand it sags like crazy when you push the 6V6 tubes, so there you go. The 270FX has 5 amps of heater current, so there's plenty even for EL34 tubes with a typical preamp section.  
I think these two will be fine for a smaller amp.  

Matthew Springer I went down exactly this path when ... -- 5/15/2003 4:28 PM