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Re: Soild State and Eyelet cards

4/29/2003 4:31 PM
Adam A.
Re: Soild State and Eyelet cards
Of course with a TO-220 case you can "splay" the legs so you can skip that trick for now...  
Steve Ahola  
Here's what I'm doing with an IRF820 in a TO-220 case on one of my amps that I'm building a new turret board for. I'm adding Randall Aiken's zener+MOSFET voltage reduction circuit.  
Those are Keystone 1540 turrets spaced 1/4" apart, with the TO-220 legs splayed apart by 45 degrees and then bent down. The heatsink is going to be supported by a threaded nylon spacer underneath it (secured through the TO-220 mounting hole), so its weight doesn't stress the pins.  
On another amp, I used an IRF820 mounted again in 3 1540 turrets, but vertically. On that one I bent the pins so the middle pin went in one direction and the other 2 in the other, to get enough spacing between them. It worked very well (and that one was a source follower, and didn't need a heatsink).