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Re: Different voltages from the one tapped transformer

4/17/2003 12:43 PM
Re: Different voltages from the one tapped transformer
Why not try Heyboer(  
Interestingly they make a PT that, if they really are separate windings as opposed to taps in the same winding, looks as if it may fill the bill. If it's the same winding perhaps they have others with separate windings.From another thread & quoting Chris Gondoli;  
"...All I asked them was if they ever wound any transformers for Ken Fischer,and if they did would they wind me up a set...They told me they wound three different transformers for Trainwreck amps,1power with 2different secondarys one for solid state,one for atube and 2 outputs 1thirty watt,1 thiry-five watt..."  
"...Power transformer 120volts in, 300-260-0-260-300,@300ma,6.3volt @7.5amps ct ,5volt@3.0amps.there is no bias tap...."  
By my math, which could be wrong!, thats 390 & 340 vdc respectively.  
Good Fortune  

PeteRH Thanks Philip,I checked with He... -- 4/17/2003 1:48 PM