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Re: Different voltages from the one tapped transformer

4/17/2003 9:04 AM
PeteRHRe: Different voltages from the one tapped transformer
Hi John  
My express clone (or what started as a clone) sounded better running higher plate voltages on the phase inverter and preamp, especially when running 6V6 outputs. I was running 400 volts on the pi and preamp. Now this probably doesn't sound like an express was supposed to sound but I liked it.  
I would like to try el84's in a similar fashion but 400 volts is just too much for these little fellas.  
With this tranny, if the 400 volts doesnt suit the preamp/poweramp combination I can just run it off the 300 volt rail so I thought I couldn't loose. The multi tap tranny appears basically win win......unless you can't or shouldn't run both taps with this type of transformer arrangement.  
ps. I agree that the 400 volts is not standard but the original AA864 Bassman, which is very close to the wreck and clones, ran these voltages. Similarly the Alembic preamps and Showmans ran 400 volts.  
pps The big plus ........400 on the preamp and 300 on the plates hasn't been (commercially) done before!!!

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