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Different voltages from the one tapped transformer

4/16/2003 1:37 PM
PeteRHDifferent voltages from the one tapped transformer
I am planning to build an amp with 300 volts to an 4/el84 power section and 400 volts to the preamp. I have only seen this done once before and the tranny windings were completely separate. ie. two coils 300-0-300 and 250-0-250 ac.  
The tranny i am looking at has 300-250-0-250-300 which can give me appx 400 for the preamp and 300 for the power amp. Probably a silly question but does this matter that they are on the same coil??  
Are these trannies generally designed for you to use one tap or the other and not both?  
The PT is rated at 250ma which is heaps for 4 el84 and a couple of 12ax7's.  

John Culp Pete, why do you want 400V on the p... -- 4/17/2003 2:17 AM