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Re: Transformers for Trainwreck clone.

4/5/2003 4:45 AM
PeteRHRe: Transformers for Trainwreck clone.
I've tried variations 1 thru 4 and then a few more!!  
I would start with A0.  
BUT IMO If you want a plug and play (ie. just solder once and play) type of amp.....then build a jtm45, dumble or matchless or anything that you know you like the sound of. If you want to tweak the hell out of it OR if you want to learn about how amps work build a wreck.  
I have spent a multitude of hours tweaking my clone and have gotten it close to what I want....but it probably aint no 'wreck!!  
The real gem was that I have learnt more tweaking this amp than building a fender reverb unit, rumble clone, various fender clones and effects pedals.

Mark Abbott Reply to Peter. -- 4/5/2003 9:32 AM