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Re: Passive Crossover for guitar/bass?

1/31/2003 7:54 PM
anonymousRe: Passive Crossover for guitar/bass?
Unless you can find some specific solution, I think you could approach this problem in a similar way to bi-amping or tri-amping a stereo system.  
Most of these crossovers are fixed. You want variable frequency crossover points.  
This should give you an idea of concept of the fixed point type:  
There are pros and cons to any filter type, but to have control over the crossover frequency, most folks use the Sallen-Key type. Don Lancaster is the Sallen-Key guru. His book has good design info for this kind of task:  
Good article from ESP:  
After you have picked up a few buzz words, you might find something more specific on the net from a Google search.  
Most design info I have found is limited to the actual filtering circuit. Most filter designs want to be driven by a low impedance source so be sure to buffer the input with a voltage follower.  
Finally, be sure to control the gain of your crossover(s). You may have a net signal gain out of the crossover so make provision for attenuation at the output. A voltage divider on the front end of a voltage follower is a good way to do this.  
Good luck.