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Re: bsiab

1/17/2003 3:35 PM
Paul M.
Re: bsiab
I used mostly poly caps, with a couple of ceramics that were not in the signal path. I have found there is not much difference between the two, as long as you use high voltage ceramics, 1KV type.  
It's not too hard to get squealing on this circuit. I did a few unconventional things to stop it. Mine is not noisy, though. What JFETs did you use? I used the J201s and have not had a problem with noise at all.  
I don't use the Millenium bypass. I just spend a few more dollars and get a 3PDT switch. It's just a lot less hassle. The four Mill 2 circuits I have built just never worked properly for me.  
The more I use my BSIAB, the more I like it. It's only been like 10 days, or so...