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Re: bsiab

1/12/2003 6:02 AM
Re: bsiab
I guess there's always some dirt in there but playing wityh the gain and volumes ofthe pedal and guitar settles it down a little. Hey do any of yours feedback when you turn up the tone. believe it or not where I placed the board in the box and trimming the excess connect wire helped that but its still there when I turn the tone up. I built this one mainly with ceramic caps(they were available). I was changing out the 1000pf cap with some larger values just a little goes a long way there as far as browness and output level goe. I gotta get a little more bass through as well. This pedal has so much potential for my sound I'm very happy so far  

Paul M. I just built the BSIAB last week. I... -- 1/13/2003 7:25 PM