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Re: bsiab

1/6/2003 11:33 PM
Re: bsiab
Hahah, i've got an old Traynor MarkIII combo!  
I implore you, unless you have the strength of ten men, do not buy one! It's the heaviest thing i've ever seen, seriously, it's heavier than my Fiesta! ERmm, actually, maybe not!  
To be honest with you though, i can't say much about it's bass response, since i haven't heard it yet (had it since july!). Being a (VERY) poor student i can't afford the re-valve, so if anyone in the UK wants it (needs a full set of valves) let me know!  
Also, does anyone know what Reverb pan it should use? It doesn't have one at the moment, so any ideas on it's value? (Interior's V. Good, hand wired, exterior a little tatty).  
This should really be in another forum i know, but hey!  

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