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Help....noisy tuner on my pedal board

1/5/2003 11:13 AM
Help....noisy tuner on my pedal board
This is a strange problem, and I'm wondering if anyone has seen something similar. Here's the deal.  
I go from my guitar straight to a bypass switch that I use to isolate my tuner from the rest of the signal path. One side of the bypass switch goes to the tuner, the other side of the bypass goes to Compressor->OD->Delay->Amp. Without the tuner patched into the bypass switch, I have a very quiet setup, almost no noise at all. When I plug the tuner into the bypass switch, I get a significant amount of noise (shhhhhhh...). And this is when the tuner isn't even powered on or switched into the signal's just attached to the other side of the bypass. I've tried two different bypass switches (a mechanical bypass and switch box) and two different tuners (Boss TU2 and TU12H, and I get the same thing. I'm at a loss as to what is causing the noise. By the way, I don't get the noise when I eliminate the pedalboard and run straight through the tuners. Weird. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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