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Re: Shin-ei = Companion= Univox=????

12/6/2002 11:05 AM
DanNRe: Shin-ei = Companion= Univox=????
Hard to say without seeing the guts, but isn't the little wedge shaped fuzz a Maestro knock off?  
About your National Fuzz Wah, count the transistors. If there are eight, your circuit is pretty much a Superfuzz. If there are six, then it has a SF like fuzz/octave/tone circuit, but is driven differently. The fuzz adjust knob is a mixer. On a SF it controls the drive into the fuzz section. The Ace Tone Fuzzmaster and the Kay Fuzz are close cousins.  
It woould be fun to find out more about Shin-ei. Who, what, and where they were. Sure made some cool pedals!

Stuart Schematic here -- 12/8/2002 12:31 AM