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Shin-ei = Companion= Univox=????

12/6/2002 8:27 AM
kluson guyShin-ei = Companion= Univox=????
What do you figure?, is this the same distortion circuit as the:choose one (Companion, National, Shin-ei) fuzz wah, minus the wah of course? Are there 2 settings of fuzz?  
I have a National Fuzz wah that is identical to a Companion I had as a young lad. Still a fun fuzz, great on bass. Excellent nasty oscillations on double stops.  
Anyway, I just have this feeling that the fuzz circuit in the above fuzz wahs are similar/identical to the Univox Super Fuzz circuit. Can anyone confirm this?  
My National nails the "Spirit in the Sky" intro, which someone earlier sugested was the Univox Super Fuzz.  
Do you think that there is a Univox-Shin-ei connection? Shin-ei had the Resly-tone pedal which was rumoured to be the precurssor to the Uni-vibe.  
Feel free to correct me or comment... Oh those incestuous Japanese. Made in Japan -the glory years of transistor...

DanN Hard to say without seeing the guts... -- 12/6/2002 11:05 AM
Dai Hirokawa Yes as I understand it, Shin-ei mad... -- 12/6/2002 5:56 PM
zachary vex don't forget to put Apollo on that ... -- 12/7/2002 8:04 PM