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Re: somebody said that....

11/13/2002 2:38 PM
roosterRe: somebody said that....
Got an oddball thought about this thread (which is winding in many interesting directions right now). I know that if I measure a cold battery and then warm it up, I can see quite a bit of voltage difference depending on the battery.  
To give everyone their due, I can't see a swing from 21C (room temp) to 0C (freezing) making that much difference on a transistor. I could be wrong, but I CAN see it making a difference on either a battery, a piece of almost-broken wire, or a bad solder joint. I can also see it making a difference on a pot, especially a conductive plastic one.  
Maybe it's the supply or the circuit changing characteristics, and the Ge component-based fuzz just happens to be more sensitive.  
Sorta like putting great preamp tubes in an amp; if you put RCA's in an old Fender, they come alive; if you put them in a PV or Crate or new Marshall or NEW Fender, not much diff. Perhaps the Ge based circuit is more sensitive to minute changes due to the lower breakover voltage of the transistor. Lowest common denominator and all.